Our Fundraisers


The Denise Roberts Breast Cancer Foundation provides free counseling and breast health screenings for uninsured minority women and men under 40 years old, five days a week. But we need your help. We desperately need your support to continue to support those who are un-knowlingly fighting the battle with breast cancer everyday. By joining our annual Mammograms can save lives campaign, through your donations!

The Denise Roberts Breast Cancer Foundation (TDRBCF) is a 501 (c) – (3) nonprofit organization, which exists to change the consciousness of women and men, to one of health and self-awareness. TDRBCF exists to change the perception of breast health awareness to one that has little to do with age or gender – to one of understanding that acts as a mighty bridge over troubled waters. We strive to touch the underserved community in a way that replaces fear with knowledge and empowerment. 
Our goal is to provide 20 women/men a month for a year with mammoagrams. Together we can achieve this goal to make a serious difference in the lives of those in need.

As it becomes more evident of how important our mission is, it also becomes more evident of how imperative your support is. Help us help those in need of our services. There is a vast majority of people of color that have no health insurance or are underinsured. Unfortunately, this is the same reason minority women are fatally affected by breast cancer more often than not.

However it has been proven that breast cancer, when it is caught early on, has almost a 100% successful recovery rate. Which means that Mammograms CAN SAVE LIVES!

Help us keep our doors open to all who may need our services. Help us spread the truth that, Mammograms Can Save Lives! Fear and finances should never cost a woman her life. Please join us in expanding our support efforts, so that together we can save lives everyday. Your support through your donations will provide early detection and will save lives!